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Sodes News & Events: SOMALI DISABILITY AND ELDERLY SUPPORT GROUP SECURES £50,000 OF FUNDING - Sunday, 02 February 2014 23:22
Sodes News & Events: SODES has launched a Mental Health project. - Sunday, 02 February 2014 23:17

About Sodes

SODES is a Registered Charity that was set up in January 2004. We are committed to supporting equal opportunities and combating unfair discrimination against anyone. While the Somali community living in Birmingham is at the heart of the services that we deliver, all of our projects are open to everyone. The name of our organisation is somewhat misleading because we actually work with a much wider range of people than “Disability and Elderly”. In particular we regularly work with children and young people.

We are also active in supporting people of working age to access training and to get new jobs. We provide advice and information services on issues that are relevant to our community including employment opportunities, social care and health, carers welfare benefits, mental health and pension rights. We aim to support children and their families who are in need of assistance in order to take control of their own daily living conditions rather than depending too much on others.

We take all possible steps to support families and also single parents. We also arrange services targeted on children including supplementary classes and after school clubs, ESOL for recently arrived children and youth leisure activities. At the other end of the age spectrum we are actively involved in supporting older people especially when it comes to claiming benefits and getting fair access to NHS Services. We also provide interpreting and translation services in both Somali and Arabic into English.

Volunteers play a very important role in SODES and we find that their service with us often leads to new opportunities for them. As far as possible we take a pragmatic approach to the way we deliver our services. For example Somali families will not allow boys and girls to play together after they are 13 or 14 years old. We accept that this has implications for equal opportunities but we provide single sex activities to make sure as many children as possible are allowed to take part in them.

News & Events


The Somali Disability and Elderly Support Group (SODES), based in Bordesley Green, has been awarded £49,975 by the ScottishPower Energy People Trust to help 4000 of the area’s residents. SODES received the funding to employ two energy advisors to deliver energy


SODES has launched a Mental Health project.

SODES has launched a Mental Health project. SODES is very excited that the project going to benefit the community and will enable the Somali community to highlight mental health issues. We are very keen to work with the community and service providers.

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